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I milk a lot of nuts, grains and seeds and like to make a different plant based milkevery day. But I am partial to almond milk, because it is the most alkaline. I make a batch of home-made almond milk every day to mix with my green juice as an alkaline elixir. It is important to choose the best quality almonds in order to yield the healthiest richest tasting milk, and it is also very important to soak your almonds in order to neutralize the enzyme inhibitors, activate the nutrient potential, and make them easier to pulverize. Read my soaking page in the resources section.

Almonds that are still in the shells have the longest shelf life, and would be preferably stored in a hermetically sealed container. Almonds are really susceptible to rancidity because of their high fat content. Choose shells that are not split or stained. They should smell sweet and nutty. If they smell bitter, they are rancid. Always store almonds in a sealed glass jar in the fridge.

I was first introduced to home-made raw almond milk about 12 years ago when I stayed with my friend Jeanette whilst in Sydney doing a play. She had a jug of home-made almond milk that she used on her cereal. I started making almond milk from then on, and have been milking those raw almonds for all they are worth with gratitude every since. Back then, processed pre-packaged almond milk was not readily available in stores, so making your own almond milk was the only option. It is still the best option so you can control the quality and integrity of the finished product - the freshness of the nuts, the sugar levels, and the texture. 

My first encounter with “processed” almond milk was when I was in Italy. I met some local Sicilians in Catania, and they, with fantastic hospitality, gave me a taste of local life. They drank almond milk and a brioche pastry for breakfast every morning. I decided to partake, and was utterly horrified. The milk was the sweetest and most sickly thing I had ever tasted. However, I quickly discovered I had more of a taste for the guy drinking the milk! Now that was a taste I acquired! There is nothing like a Summer romance in Italy! Well, the affair is a distant memory, but I am still milking those raw almonds for all they are worth.

Home made fresh raw almond milk is contains live enzymes with no additives or preservatives like most processed nut milks. It is a little piece of nutty heaven -- sweet, mild, and more gentle on the digestive system than heavily processed milks. It is fantastic to drink, put it on cereals, use in smoothies and shakes, and in cakes.Check out this website www.cakecraft.co.uk for more details about cake making .


Try making home made green almond milk by mixing some home made green juice (organic spinach, cucumber and celery juice) with you raw almond milk for a fantastic alkaline treat. YUM!

There are few desserts that say class, elegance, and “delicious” quite like a cheesecake. Even the best of home cooks, though, are often intimidated by this classic dessert, and with good reason. It’s one of the tougher ones to master.

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