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Solar Panel

The solar panel in concentration concentrates solar rays on a desirable receiver; currently the about used type is shown parabolic linear structure that allows a one-dimensional angle, cheaper, toward the sun, and the use of any receiver tube in that's slid a heat transport fluid for the next accumulation of energy with special tanks. The time-honored vector is constituted aside mineral oils can resist high temperatures.

In 2001 the ENEA has launched the development of the particular Archimedes project, aimed for the use of molten salts even in systems with parabolic mirrors which has a linear structure. Since we want a much higher heat range than is allowed natural oils, it was decided to create and build receiver capsules capable of withstanding temps exceeding 600 ° C (compared to the 400 ° C maximum organ pipe on the market), engrossed in a double layer Cermet (ceramic / metal) deposited with the procedure connected with sputtering. If you are interested in Colwyn Bay boiler replacement you need to visit this site .

The molten salts tend to be accumulated in a prominent insulated tank at a temperature of 550 ° C. At that temperature it is possible to store energy equal to 1 kWh with just 5 liters of molten salts. From this tank, your salts (a common plant food for agriculture consists of the 60% sodium nitrate (NaNO3) in addition to 40% of potassium nitrate (KNO3)) are extracted in addition to used to produce superheated steam.

The salt used are accumulated within a second tank at a reduced temperature (290 ° C). This enables the generation of steam clean so detached from this capture of solar energy (at night or perhaps low insolation). The plant, working at a heat range regime of 550 ° C, allows the production of steam at the same temperature and pressure in comparison with that used in energy plants in co-production (gas turbine and delete of the exhaust fuel to produce steam), making it possible for consistent cost reductions as well as synergies with the similar. Currently it has already been designed a system with these characteristics in Spain along with a demonstration plant on an industrial scale, at the facility plant ENEL located within Priolo Gargallo (Siracusa).


The main criticism would be the use of solar energy can be caused by the cost, efficiency along with inherent characteristic of irregular or non-programmability connected with such a source of one's compared to conventional powers as directly affected from the cloud cover and the whole absence during the night. In addition, to develop photovoltaic panels require a large level of energy, often generated utilizing non-renewable sources for example coal, and it continues to be calculated that the Sun industry will start to create more energy than the idea consumed only from 2015.

Advocates of solar energy argue a reduction in costs and an improvement in efficiency in the forseeable future by virtue of economic climates of scale and scientific improvement of future solar systems. Regarding the absence regarding such an energy supply during the night complete also note that the ideal peak power consumption can be achieved in reality daily, ie its maximum in the production of energy through solar, by virtue of using electricity from part of business processes and then the condition would be less burdensome in addition to solvable by using the particular technology of solar thermal and / or your integration of renewable powers such as the wind energy, while any excess energy would be disposed of by means of use of electrical commercial infrastructure distribution typical of what sort of smart grid.

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